Los Rakas : “Soy Raka”

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There are groups that come along and change the way we listen, appreciate and connect to music. Hailing from Panama but now residing in California, Los Rakas blend Hip-Hop, Plena, Reggae and Dancehall music with Spanish and English lyricism. Los Rakas (DunDun and Rico AKA Filthy Rich) tag team the mic with a tenacity reminiscent of old school veterans in the game and the passion of the newer artists on the scene.

2010 was a flagship year for the group, winning the Latin Alternative Music Conference’s (LAMC) Jack Daniel’s ‘Discovery Artist’ prize in New York City (an award that goes to the most promising group at the conference and the first time awarded to an urban group), with endorsements from Gibson Guitar and SHURE; culminating with their breakout performance at The Bowery Ballroom with a 6 piece band. The duo played alongside Manu Chao, Cypress Hill and Erykah Badu at the unprecedented, Smoke Out Festival and opened the ‘How The Grouch Stole Christmas’ tour in December 2010 for 18 sold-out shows with Living Legend’s The Grouch and Rhymesayer’s Brother Ali.

Born in Northern California, Raka Rich began his international journey early on in life, immediately moving to Panama City, where he lived until he was 12. From childhood, he was drawn to music and seduced by the variations between sound and rhythm. Soon, his own lyrics spawned, sewing the seeds of an emerging new sound.

One of ten children raised in the barrio of Nuevo Veranillo, Panama, Raka Dun (pronounced Doon) of Los Rakas, has his sights firmly set on international stardom. More than just a dream, Panama understands the kind of commitment and hard work it takes to succeed. Raka Dun began entertaining at the age of 10, touring his home country with a traditional folkloric dance group.


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